ASH-1: Connectivity Interruption Detected 20th July 2018

Automated Alert: A small interruption, packet loss or slow down has been detected. A NOC Engineer has been dispatched to investigate.

Maintenance will be conducted tomorrow to fix the cause of this Incident.

We are emailing you today to notify you of an upcoming emergency network maintenance expected to cause a brief network outage. After some investigation, our network engineers found one of the failover line cards in one of the distribution routers may have failed, unfortunately this is also affecting the stability of the router as a whole and needs to be addressed. We will be rebooting the router which will take 5-10 minutes to complete the process which will cause network services to be unavailable.

We will remove routes to the region for Anycast customers 15 minutes before the outage to allow for minimal inteterruption via re-routing of GRE/IP-in-IP services.

Details - Date: Saturday, July 21, 2018 Routes Removed: 12:45AM PDT Start Time: 1:00AM PDT Work Window: 1:00AM PDT - 1:30AM PDT Outage Estimated Duration: 5-10 Minutes Effect: Network Outage Facilities: Ashburn (US EAST)